Limbic Arc Conference Calls: A CALL WITH DR. COOK

Learn what Limbic Arc is, how it works, and how it can benefit your life!

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Limbic Arc Explained by Dr. Cook
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Introduction to the Limbic Arc
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Discover the world's first quantum-energy wellness app

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How Does an InfoBoost Work?
How Do I Set Up an InfoBoost?
How to Run a Spark Scan
Dr. Cook Explains "Overload"
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Running a Web App vs. a Phone App
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The Friends & Family Plan

With the Limbic Arc Friends & Family Plan, you can add up to eight family members or friends to your account for only $10 each, per month. You can reassign a Friends & Family Plan account to anyone at any time, making it a powerful tool for demonstration and recruiting purposes.

An in-depth Look at the Limbic Arc Technology

Learn how the body and mind communicate and how your brain processes information. Dr. Cook shares his years of research and development that went into the Limbic Arc web app. You're smarter than you think!

Limbic Arc Technology (1 of 2)
Limbic Arc Technology (2 of 2)

Introduction to Emotional Vectoring

At a recent corporate lunch-and-learn meeting with our sister company, Dr. Cook explained how emotions affect wellness through the Triad of Health, the basics of the Zero-Point Field, how products are added to the Limbic Arc library, and demonstrates the Limbic Arc web app.

Meet Our Founder, Dr. Vaughn R Cook

Dr. Cook is an honors graduate of Utah State University, has an acupuncture degree from the Oriental Medical Institute of Hawaii, and obtained an OMD (Oriental Medical Doctor) degree from the North American Academy of Advanced Asian Medicine. A board-certified and licensed acupuncturist in Utah, Dr. Cook has worked in the Complementary and Alternative Medical field for over 30 years. He has specialized in technology applications that integrate Western and Eastern Medicine. He has worked for Esion Corp, the company that developed the Interro; has been the President and owner of Digital Health Corp, the company that developed the Omega Acubase System; and also served as President of BioMeridian International, Inc., the company that developed the MSA Pro and other related technology. He has developed multiple computer-based systems used by healthcare professionals around the world. The first was the Omega AcuBase System, and the most recent is Limbic Arc.